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Welcome to Pueblo Property Management and Rental Solutions!

We have been protecting investments and maximizing profitability for property owners for over 10 years. The key to our success lies within our unique three prong approach to property management:

First, we are meticulous in our selection of tenants, and have a specific system for selecting tenants who fulfill their leases, pay their rent on time, and stay for many years. The reason we are able to achieve such above average results is that we take more time in the selection process. We understand that who we choose is just as important as when they can move in.  By taking more time, we are able to reduce turnover, reduce potential property damage, and maintain long term tenant relationships, for maximum profitability and low turnover.

Secondly, we keep our tenants happy. This means regular property maintenance and a quick response time to tenant issues/complaints. Maintaining properties requires maintenance costs, however, we have found the gains from tenant retention far out-way the costs of proper maintenance.

Our third approach to minimizing costs is our ability to bargain with contractors and handymen. We manage many properties and so are able to negotiate discounts because of the size of our business. Also, we have long term relationships with tried and tested workmen and contractors, so the quality is always superior. Rather than taking a chance calling an untested person through the Yellow Pages, we rely on established relationships and discount pricing with tested contractors.

We think that you will find that Pueblo Property Management and Rental Solutions has a truly has a unique approach to property management that you will not find anywhere else.

We look forward to serving you, and helping you get the most out of your investment!


Steve Degenhart

Owner,  Pueblo Property Management and Rental Solutions